A word about our logo: Designed by Mary Elisa Calvano, it depicts the statue of Gen. John Logan which can be found just across Michigan Avenue to the South from the Hilton Hotel set against the skyline with the symbols and colors of the official flag of the City of Chicago. Logan was a hero of the American Civil War, fighting for the Union; played a somewhat more controversial role in the Mexican-American War, and later served Illinois as a state senator, congressman, and U.S. senator, as well as running unsuccessfully for vice-president of the United States. (But if you're a fantasy modeler and you prefer, you can also think of him as a knight off to slay the dragon, or even as Joan of Arc, whose statue in Paris seems to have inspired the sculptor.)

The statue of Gen. John Logan, hero of the American Civil War and (more controversially) the Mexican-American War, in Grant Park, near the Hilton.