The Hilton is a grand old hotel that has all of the modern amenities. Within the hotel itself, you will find several ATMs, a barber shop, a beauty salon, a Foreign Currency Exchange, laundry service, a shoe shine stand, and a FedEx Office Print and Ship Center, most convenient for shipping exhibits in advance or sending those finds purchased in the vendors’ area back home. The first stop for any questions about what’s available in the hotel, or indeed far beyond in Chicago, is the full-time Concierge Desk, where staff is conversant in several languages. So just ask!

Helpful stores and services a quick walk from the Hotel

Here’s a list of some much more practical stores and other services with spitting distance of the Hilton.

Artist & Craftsman Supply

828 S Wabash Ave., (312) 583-9990; .2 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Designed to serve the many visual artists, sculptors, and photographers attending Columbia College Chicago, this is a great two-level store that, while not geared specifically toward the miniaturist, could not be closer for the last-minute securing of emergency X-Acto knives, superglue, touch-up paints, brass rods, wooden dowels, etc., etc.!

Blick Art Materials

            42 S. State St., 312-920-0300; .8 miles from the Hilton Hotel

A much larger art superstore, though again, it’s oriented more toward the fine artist than the miniaturist.

The UPS Store

1245 S Michigan Ave., 312-431-1850; .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

A somewhat more economical choice for shipping overseas or within the U.S. than the FedEx outlet within the Hilton. Also offers full packing services.


In Europe, the stores located under those cool glowing green crosses are strictly pharmacies. In America, drug stores sell almost everything—from socks to umbrellas, and from groceries to beauty aides, in addition, of course, to over-the-counter and prescripton drugs. These are the closest to the Hilton.

CVS Pharmacy & Photo

137 S. State St., 312-609-1215; .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel


122 S. Michigan Ave., 773-468-0602; .5 miles from the Hilton Hotel



There are other mom-and-pop choices nearby, but 7-Eleven is the Midwest’s favorite quick stop for snacks or beverages (including liquor), along with other sundries such as batteries, cheap sunglasses, magazines, etc. There are several a quick walk from the Hilton:

801 S. State St., .2 miles from the Hilton Hotel

535 S. State St., .3 miles from the Hilton Hotel

600 S. Dearborn St., .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

343 S. Dearborn St., .5 miles from the Hilton Hotel

30 E. Jackson Dr., .5 miles from the Hilton Hotel


Floyd's Barber Shop

27 E. Harrison St., (312) 219-8510

Hip American hair-cut and styling chain for men and women; enjoy the loud alternative-rock soundtrack while you get your 'do!


If you came to Expo with one nice shirt for the Awards Ceremony that you promptly besmirched when eating thick-crust pizza, an Italian beef sandwich, or a Chicago-style hot dog, the Hilton will do your laundry—but at a premium. These dry cleaners offer a more economical alternative within a few blocks.

Wabash Cleaners, 808 S. Wabash Ave., .1 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Plymouth Court Cleaners, 633 S. Plymouth Court, .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Roosevelt Cleaners, 734 S. Dearborn St., .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Burnham Cleaners, 720 S. Clark St., .5 miles from the Hilton Hotel


There are many ATMs in the shadow of the Hilton (as well as in the hotel itself), but these banks may be able to help with more extensive services if needed.

Chase Bank, 300 S. Michigan Ave.; .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

FirstMerit Bank, 61 E. Van Buren St.; .4 miles from the Hilton Hotel

PNC Bank, 333 S. State St.; .5 miles from the Hilton Hotel

And for musically-minded modelers (hello, Mike Blank!)...

Reckless Records

26 E. Madison St., .8 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Chicago’s coolest record store has several locations selling CDs and vinyl, mostly hip underground rock, hip-hop, and EDM, but also some classic catalog fare.

And, not to neglect the fantasy modelers...

Graham Crackers Comics

720 S. Michigan Ave., .7 miles from the Hilton Hotel

Specializing in comics and graphic novels, including cool underground art.


As noted on other pages on this site, Divvy Bikes are a bike-sharing/rental service based on the European model, and there are many stations throughout Chicago. Much more information can be found here. Divvy rental stations near the Hilton include 150 E Pearson St., Michigan Avenue at E. Lake St., and 203 N. Michigan Ave.