Advance registration for the following sessions in the astoria room on the third floor of the downtown chicago hilton is now open, and SIGNING UP IN ADVANCE IS highly recommended so you're sure you Won't miss a presentation you really want to see. Once enrollment reaches capacity, that's it, so don't risk walk-up!

Friday, July 7 Seminars:

9:00 AM - Alan Ball - $15

Internationally renowned sculptor Alan Ball will talk about figure sculpting with a focus on getting the anatomy correct and creating figures with realistic poses.

10:30 AM - ivo preda - $15

How Italian modeler Ivo Preda creates Napoleonic figures, from historical research and source comparison, to modelling activities, with a special focus on how to transform a two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional figure.

12:00 pM - Dan capuano - $15

Creating large scale dioramas with one of the masters of the form, New York modeler Dan Capuano, from composition to finishing, structures, and different types of terrain.

1:30 pM - catherine cesario - $15

Painting flats with French master Catherine Cesario: Step-by-step instructions on how she creates her gold-medal-winning works, with a presentation focusing on the progress of painting two flats and a question-and-answer session.

3:00 pM - Dennis levy & nick infield - $15

“The Art of Box Dioramas” with two expert modelers specializing in this form, Californian Nick Infield and New Jersey’s Dennis Levy. They will discuss the reasons to create a box versus a freestanding diorama, and touch upon design, choreography, staging, lighting, special effects, forced perspective, and art direction. If you’re on the fence about attempting a shadow box, this is the session for you!

4:30 pM - John rosengrant - $15

“Modeling for the Movies”: Master California modeler John Rosengrant will present his famous seminar outlining the steps in creating both practical characters and effects for the movies, along with all-digital characters and effects. The parallels between what John does in film are striking; they’re just on a different scale!

saturday, July 8 Seminars:

9 to 11 AM - Ben komets MULTI-MEDIA DEMONSTRATION - $15

One of the masters of fantasy modeling, Germany’s Ben Komets will demonstrate “How to Paint Human Skin Tones with Acrylics.” PLEASE NOTE THE NEW START TIME AND EXTENDED LENGTH OF THIS SESSION. If you already signed up, there is no change to your ticket price. This session is filling up fast, so sign up now!

10:00 AM - Bill horan - $15

Master Modeler Bill Horan will present a step-by-step review of his sculpting methodology and tools as well as showing a gallery of his figures, vignettes, and dioramas produced over the past 30 years, focusing on figure animation and movement.

1:00 pM - michael Kontraros - $15

Greek fantasy master Michael Kontraros will address “Fantasy Sculpting,” with a focus on his masterful techniques sculpting the face and facial expressions.

2:30 pM - Keith Rocco - $15

“Historical Art--Capturing the Past:” Join renowned painter Keith Rocco as he looks to the conception of historical art as we know it today, from Meissonier to Frederic Remington. He will explain the traditional creative methods employed both by these past masters and himself, with a presentation full of artwork and interesting conversation about painting, artifact-collecting, and historical research.

4:00 pM - Adam Wilder - $15

A seminar on armor weathering with a focus on applying earth tones and rust effects from armor specialist Adam Wilder. Realistic groundwork using mud, water, and soils, plus armor finishes using washes, filters, pigments, and textures, demonstrating application, blending, and overlapping techniques.

sUNday, July 9 Seminars:

8:30 AM - Panel Discussion on the New Shep Paine Armor Book - $15

Join a panel of expert armor modelers who were tapped by the late, great modeler as contributors to his last book, Shep Paine’s Armor Modelers Guide (Kalmbach). Participants include Dan Tisoncik, Greg Chilar, John Rosengrant, Andy Gulden, John Maher, and Roy Wells.

10:00 AM - Mike Blank - $15

Sweden’s master modeler Mike Blank on creating painting harmony using colors, and how to use color to compose vignettes and dioramas.