World Expo Update Sept. 5: Raffle and another Auction Figure / by Jim DeRogatis

Announcing a special World Expo Raffle: Tickets are now available for a chance to win the incredible painting above of Elmer Ellsworth in 1861 by Keith Rocco. An accompanying figure will be produced by FeR Miniatures for exclusive sale via the Expo Web Site and at the big event next July 7-9. The painted master will also be raffled off--details to follow soon, and winners will be announced at the Expo Awards Ceremony on July 9, 2017--but you can buy tickets now for a chance to win the painting via the link below, or at special Expo informational tables at upcoming shows, including the MMSI Chicago Show, Oct. 21-23.

Buy your raffle tickets for the painting now; click here!

We'd also like to give you a look at our third Expo Benefit Auction figure: A 54mm scratch-built Sans Cullote by Stephen Mallia. The auction will be held at the MMSI Chicago Show on Oct. 22, and before that event, pictures of all the entries will be posted on the Expo Web site.

Visit that page here!

Other reminders: Demand for rooms at the Michigan Avenue Hilton Chicago has been extraordinary, and the special Expo discount rate will not last forever. (Once the block is filled, you'll miss out on the discount and will pay full price if any rooms are still available at the Hilton; if not, we'll post a list of other hotels nearby.)

Book your hotel room now; click here!

Demand for vendor tables also has been intense; reserve yours now to avoid the risk of being put on the waiting list. Contact our vendor chairman John Jefferies at

Meanwhile, keep painting and modeling, and see you next July 7-9!