Sept. 29: Expo Auction Contributions from Bill Horan and Philippe Gengembre / by Jim DeRogatis

The MMSI Chicago Show is drawing near -- Oct. 21-23! -- which means that the benefit auction for World Model Expo 2017 that takes place that Saturday is getting close, too! Here are the latest figures donated by two incredibly talented artists: Bill Horan (a soldier from the 15th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army during the Apache War of 1881) and Phillippe Gengembre (Colonel Sourd, 1815). We hope to see you at the Marriott Schaumburg during the Chicago show, bidding at the auction (info can be found here), but if you can't make it and are interested in bidding, contact Bill Horan ( in the U.S. or Fabio Nunnari ( abroad. As always, thanks for your support of Expo 2017!