More Figures for the Expo Benefit Auction, Oct. 22! by Jim DeRogatis

The World Expo Benefit Auction takes place THIS SATURDAY Oct. 22 during the MMSI Chicago Show.

In addition to the figures shown here by Greg DiFranco, Marion and Alan Ball and Diego Ruina, Bill Horan has solicited quite a few others from some of the top sculptors and painters in the world, all of whom have selflessly given their time and talents to raise funds of this once-in-a-lifetime show July 7-9 at the 720 S. Michigan Avenue Hilton in Chicago. More info on the auction can be found on the Expo Web site, but if you are interested in placing a proxy bid because you can't attend the MMSI Show, contact Bill in the U.S. or Fabio Nunnari abroad. And don't forget to visit for much, much more, including online registration and hotel reservations. We're less than nine months away now!

Sept. 29: Expo Auction Contributions from Bill Horan and Philippe Gengembre by Jim DeRogatis

The MMSI Chicago Show is drawing near -- Oct. 21-23! -- which means that the benefit auction for World Model Expo 2017 that takes place that Saturday is getting close, too! Here are the latest figures donated by two incredibly talented artists: Bill Horan (a soldier from the 15th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army during the Apache War of 1881) and Phillippe Gengembre (Colonel Sourd, 1815). We hope to see you at the Marriott Schaumburg during the Chicago show, bidding at the auction (info can be found here), but if you can't make it and are interested in bidding, contact Bill Horan ( in the U.S. or Fabio Nunnari ( abroad. As always, thanks for your support of Expo 2017!

Sept. 18: More Updates on the Expo Benefit Auction on Oct. 22 by Jim DeRogatis

Here are the latest contributions to the World Expo Benefit Auction that will take place during the middle day of the MMSI Chicago Show, on Saturday Oct. 22: an American Civil War major from Julio Cabos, and a British soldier during the Kaffir Wars from Pepe Gallardo. If you are unable to attend the auction in person (and we'd love to see you there!) you can arrange to place a bid in advance with Bill Horan ( in the U.S. or Fabio Nunnari ( As always, thanks for your support of Expo 2017! More information on the MMSI Chicago Show can be found by clicking here.

World Expo Update Sept. 5: Raffle and another Auction Figure by Jim DeRogatis

Announcing a special World Expo Raffle: Tickets are now available for a chance to win the incredible painting above of Elmer Ellsworth in 1861 by Keith Rocco. An accompanying figure will be produced by FeR Miniatures for exclusive sale via the Expo Web Site and at the big event next July 7-9. The painted master will also be raffled off--details to follow soon, and winners will be announced at the Expo Awards Ceremony on July 9, 2017--but you can buy tickets now for a chance to win the painting via the link below, or at special Expo informational tables at upcoming shows, including the MMSI Chicago Show, Oct. 21-23.

Buy your raffle tickets for the painting now; click here!

We'd also like to give you a look at our third Expo Benefit Auction figure: A 54mm scratch-built Sans Cullote by Stephen Mallia. The auction will be held at the MMSI Chicago Show on Oct. 22, and before that event, pictures of all the entries will be posted on the Expo Web site.

Visit that page here!

Other reminders: Demand for rooms at the Michigan Avenue Hilton Chicago has been extraordinary, and the special Expo discount rate will not last forever. (Once the block is filled, you'll miss out on the discount and will pay full price if any rooms are still available at the Hilton; if not, we'll post a list of other hotels nearby.)

Book your hotel room now; click here!

Demand for vendor tables also has been intense; reserve yours now to avoid the risk of being put on the waiting list. Contact our vendor chairman John Jefferies at

Meanwhile, keep painting and modeling, and see you next July 7-9!


Pictured here are the first two pieces that will be auctioned on Oct. 22 to benefit World Expo Chicago 2017: John Rosengrant's "Marines, Mud and Misery" and Dog Cohen's Capone-era hit man Big Jim Colosimo. In the weeks to come, we'll also be posting photos of the contributions from David Zabrocki, Greg DiFranco, Dennis Levy/Anders Heintzz, Kostas Kariotellis, Julio Cabos, Maurizio Bruno/Danilo Cartacci, Pietro Balloni/Mariano Numitone, Diego Ruina, Bill Horan, Mike Blank, Philippe Gengembre and Stephen Mallia, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, room nights at the Downtown Hilton continue to fill up at an extraordinary pace, which means the special Expo room rate won't be available much longer. SO BOOK NOW AT

VENDORS: Inquiries about space at the show? Contact our vendor chairman John Jefferies directly at He will happily give you all the information you need

UPDATE, JULY 26, 2016 by Jim DeRogatis


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World Model Soldier Federation board member and internationally renowned modeler Bill Horan is organizing an auction with contributions of figures from some of the world’s top modelers to benefit World Model Expo Chicago 2017. The auction will take place on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016 during the 42nd Annual MMSI Chicago Show (Oct. 21-23) at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg. The contributing artists are:

  • John Rosengrant
  • David Zabrocki
  • Doug Cohen
  • Greg DiFranco
  • Dennis Levy/Anders Heintz
  • Kostas Kariotellis
  • Julio Cabos
  • Maurizio Bruno/Danilo Cartacci
  • Pietro Balloni/Mariano Numitone
  • Diego Ruina
  • Bill Horan
  • Mike Blank
  • Philippe Gengembre
  • Stephen Mallia

Photos will be posted on this Website in advance and arrangements will be made for bidders to participate even if they are not in attendance. Stay tuned for more news down the line!